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About Power Parameters

We, at Power Parameters, are a thoroughly experienced team in the marketing, distribution, sales, service and calibration of a wide range of electrical and electronic test and measurement instruments and UPS systems. Our directors, management and key personnel own the business and have decades of commercial and technical experience. We are a financially sound organisation, properly capitalised for our current activities and well set up for future expansion.


Service is not an empty word for us; on the contrary it is the reason why we are in business today. Whether it is the installation of a 1000 kVA UPS system, calibration of an impedance relay test set, repair of a high bandwidth, storage oscilloscope, application advice on power quality measurement , or plain, old-fashioned courteous treatment of customers and suppliers, we have the right mindset and skills for the job.


Our vision is something we live by from day-to-day: to meet our obligations in full to our clients, employees and suppliers, and to grow our business by applying our expertise with enthusiasm

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Calibration Services

Power Parameters is a NATA-registered calibration facility. The NATA laboratory provides calibration services for a very wide range of instrumentation and testers including field instruments such as clamp testers, insulation and resistance measurement as well as low resistance, earth resistance and leakage current.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Measuring phase unbalance and harmonics at the premises is not enough. You need to know the direction of harmonic power flow. This is very necessary because an installation imports and exports harmonic power. Although not strictly speaking correct, you can simplify the picture as follows; the electricity demand metered is the supplier’s harmonics-distorted voltage multiplied by the installation’s current plus current harmonics. However to really know what’s going on you need measure power with an instrument capable of measuring harmonic phase angles. Going counter-clockwise, angles between 270°(-90°) and + 90° signify imported harmonic power and those going from +90° to 270° constitute exported harmonics.  ... read more

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