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About Power Parameters

Power Parameters is an all Australian owned company with a legacy of 100 years. Originally as H. Rowe & Co, then as Nilsen Technologies and in 2003 was acquired under a management buyout and became Power Parameters. Today it is part of the Mayfield Holdings Group.

The Power Parameters Brand logo is Quality & Precision in Power.

Our business is a Solutions Provider for Electrical Power Products and Specialist Services in - Critical Power; Power Quality; Fault Location; Diagnostics & Control.

    Our Business comprises three distinct but complimentary verticals;
  • 1. Industrial Products & Equipment (IP&E);
  • 2. Power Services & Calibrations (PS&C);
  • 3. Energy Management Solutions (EMS):

The industry sectors we service are Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport, Health, Utilities, Infrastructure and Commercial.

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Power Parameter’s NATA calibration laboratory

A trusted name and reputation for over 35 years

Power Parameters expands its scope and depth of electrical and temperature parameter calibration services

Power Parameters NATA-registered calibration laboratory sets new parameters in sensitivity for electrical and temperature measurement.

The Power Parameters NATA laboratory has a continuous history of over 35 years, and has always specialised in electrical measurements calibration. In line with the increasing sophistication and sensitivity of field test and laboratory test and measurement equipment, Power Parameters has reached new levels of sensitivity, particularly at very low measurement values approaching zero. In addition the calibration scope has been expanded to include transfer temperature measurement. Click the link below to get the full scope of electrical calibration tests:

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Calibration Services

Power Parameters is a NATA-registered calibration facility. The NATA laboratory provides calibration services for a very wide range of instrumentation and testers including field instruments such as clamp testers, insulation and resistance measurement as well as low resistance, earth resistance and leakage current.

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Hioki MR 8847 Memory HiCORDERs

Multi-channel, modular analogue and digital recorder series.

Measure to 750 V ac, fully isolated.

High speed sampling to 20 MS/sec simultaneously on all channels.

On-board storage capacity of 64, 256, and 512 Mword.

Mathematics functions including FFT analysis.

Inbuilt A4 printer.

Control with a PC over a LAN.

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Siemens Control and Protection (DOLs, contactors, relays, breakers, plus)

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The Hioki PQ3100 Power Quality Analyser

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Hioki PQ3100 Power Quality Analyser

Cat IV (600 volt) and Cat III (1000 volt)

A powerful package making it easy to determine harmonic power import and export, capable of harmonic and inter harmonic measurements to the 50th and 49.5th orders (including power harmonics) respectively (including phase angles) for both voltage, and current. Class S standard thus making the instrument suitable for power line analysis acceptable to distribution authorities.


  • Crest factors and half-wave offset.
  • Voltages to 600 volt under class IV and 1000 V (Class III) conditions, and currents to 5000 amps.
  • K-factor measurement useful in assessing transformer loading.
  • Inrush current and transient over-voltage impulses (to 6 kV).
  • Voltage swell and dip as well as flicker measurement.
  • Compliant with the latest IEC requirements, i.e.: IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 2.
  • Trend displays of selected parameters including frequency variation, voltage stability, flicker, harmonic trends, etc.

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