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Power Parameters are staying abreast of the fast moving status of COVID-19. Our key priority is always the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff as well as ensuring business continuity of Power Parameters operations. We have implemented appropriate strategies to ensure we continue to meet our delivery commitments to our clients.

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Chroma Power Test Equipment

Power Parameters provides a large range of instrumentation for the measurement of low power signals as encountered in field bus systems, power line communication, PLC-controlled equipment, Ethernet backbones and generally in electronic, industrial, scientific and engineering applications.

Power Parameters' spectrum of instrumentation includes oscilloscopes, signal generators, arbitrary function and waveform generators, frequency meters and counters, video testing, and highest accuracy benchtop multimeters from the most trusted sources including LG, Chroma, and Camille Bauer.

Power Parameters' unique scope of the measurement apparatus includes a large range of memory recorders with very fast, multi-sampling analogue and digital channels, fast Fourier (FFT), mathematical correlation and calculation functions including x-y and Lissajous plots. The range is rounded out by a comprehensive array of data loggers suitable for applications including traction equipment, climate control, process measurement and control, robotics and generally manufacturing processes.

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