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Power Parameters are staying abreast of the fast moving status of COVID-19. Our key priority is always the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff as well as ensuring business continuity of Power Parameters operations. We have implemented appropriate strategies to ensure we continue to meet our delivery commitments to our clients.

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About Power Parameters

Power Parameters is an all Australian owned company with a legacy of 100 years. Originally as H. Rowe & Co, then as Nilsen Technologies and in 2003 was acquired under a management buyout and became Power Parameters. Today it is part of the Mayfield Holdings Group of Companies. 

The Power Parameters Brand logo is Quality & Precision in Power. 

Our business is a Solutions Provider for Electrical Power Products and Specialist Services in - Critical Power; Power Quality; Fault Location; Diagnostics & Control. 

Our Business comprises three distinct but complimentary verticals; 
1. Industrial Products & Equipment (IP&E); 
2. Power Services & Calibrations (PS&C); 
3. Energy Management Solutions (EMS): 

The industry sectors we service are Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport, Health, Utilities, Infrastructure and Commercial. 

The core areas of our expertise include; 
1. Industrial Field Test & Measurements - sales, hire and field services. 
2. MV & HV Cable Fault Location, Diagnostics. VLF testing Tan delta, MWT Partial Discharge testing - sales, hire and field services. 
3. Critical Power Solutions - UPS, Power factor, Active Harmonic Filter - sales, site services, engineering power audits, harmonic mitigation design and commissioning services. 
4. Energy Management Solutions, Power Quality Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting - sales, field services, auditing, diagnosis, reporting and Energy Savings solutions. 
5. DC Battery systems, DC Inverter and Charging solutions engineering designs and commissioning. 
6. NATA calibration services. Our Life cycle Service commitment combined with engineering expertise provides a unique, seamless process for the maintenance of your essential assets and maximizing of their economic lives. 

The Power Parameters team of sales engineers, technicians and power engineers are fully trained and familiar with any industrial and commercial environment. Why not give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Cable Fault Location & Diagnostics - LV, MV & HV, Energy Management Solutions Monitoring, & Analysing, Critical Power Solutions - UPS & AHF, Site Services & NATA Calibration, Distribution of Electrical Test & Measurement, Power Quality Audit and Analysis


The Power Parameters Service

Service is not an empty word for us; on the contrary it is the reason why we are in business today. Whether it is the installation of a 1000 kVA UPS system, calibration of an impedance relay test set, repair of a high bandwidth, storage oscilloscope, application advice on power quality measurement , or plain, old-fashioned courteous treatment of customers and suppliers, we have the right mindset and skills for the job.


Our services and capabilities include:

  • professional advice on the selection of equipment and methods of measurement
  • product warranty register maintenance
  • on-site training of our technicians
  • seminars in conjunction with suppliers
  • NATA accreditation for electrical, mechanical and temperature parameters


The Power Parameters Products


Power Parameters proudly distributes the following Tier 1 brand of Electrical Test & Measurement Instruments; 

  • HIOKI (Field, Bench and Industrial testers) 
  • BAUR (high-voltage test sets, cable test sets, oil testers)
  • Gossen-Metrawatt (MV insulation testers, appliance test sets, earth and RCD testers) 
  • CT LABS (Power Quality Instruments) 
  • APPA Tech 
  • UNI-T(oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators, frequency counters) 
  • Ponovo (relay testers, secondary injection testers)
  • GE UPS (Industrial uninterruptible power supply systems)
  • INVT UPS (general uninterruptible power supply systems)  
  • Huawei UPS (ICT / Data Center uninterruptible power supply systems)   

as well as over twenty other electrical and electronic test and measurement instrumentation ranges.


The Power Parameters Vision


The vision is something we live day-to-day: to be expert at what we do, to add to our strengths,

  • to meet our obligations in full to our clients, employees and suppliers, and
  • to grow our business by applying our expertise with enthusiasm
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