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Comprehensive solutions and equipment for:

  • cable testing and tracing
  • cable fault location (pulse echo--time domain reflectometry, bridge methods including Murray and Glaser bridges)
  • partial discharge testing (coulometric) and ultra-sound
  • loss angle (tan δ) testing
  • oil testing
  • low frequency, pure sinewave, high voltage test generators
  • burn-down voltage sources
  • test vans

Baur technology is respected the world over and in Australia, where it is employed by distribution companies for underground reticulation, substation and transformer maintenance. Baur technology has been used in the location of faults in sub-marine HV DC transmission cables including Basslink.

Baur technology respects the challenging tasks of engineer charged with testing apparatus under stressful field conditions. A good case in point is the Baur Monitored Withstand Test (MWT) for simultaneous cable testing and cable diagnostics using the tan delta method and/or the partial discharge method. This allows carrying out the required voltage VLF-tests after installations, repairs or periodical diagnostics of cable lines. Simultaneously the cable condition can be determined in an optimized time. The equipment pictured below is portable, therefore being of great practical value in substations and cable access pits in public places.

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