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Trust Power Parameters for effective harmonic mitigation Ablerex Active Harmonic Filters and Power Factor Correction

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Harmonic mitigation

Monday, January 08, 2018

We live up to our name, Power Parameters

Friday, December 15, 2017

Power parameters like voltage phase balance, harmonics and inter-harmonics, flicker, voltage swells, brownouts, etc. can critically affect electrical plant. Motors can draw 20% or more additional full load current due to voltage phase imbalance as little as 4%. Analyzing voltage as positive, negative and zero sequence and appropriate alarms when out of balance reaches a critical point can save significant dollars.

At Power Parameters, we have the instrumentation from the world leaders in power quality analysis AND the expertise to solve your power quality problems.

Camille Bauer intelligent power meters
4-quadrant, ideal for switchboard and motor control board applications

Camille Bauer power meters can operate together with protection relays to provide smart motor control

Camille Bauer SINEAX AM series, 4-quadrant, AM 1000, 2000 (both class 1) and 3000 (class 0.5S) for 3-wire, 4-wire, single and 3-phase balanced, unbalanced and open wye circuits

Three-phase parameters including imbalance, symmetrical components, harmonics to the 50th order, active power and power factor, fundamental power, and reactive power

Phasor display of voltage and current including symmetrical components.

Periodic, event, and disturbance recording (with pretrigger) based on half-cycle with internal data storage via Micro SD card

Ethernet (Modbus/TCP, web server, NTP), RS485 (Modbus/RTU), digital I/O and 20 mA analogue with linear and segmented linear outputs.

Universal power supply: 24 to 48 V DC, 100 V AC or DC to 230 V AC or DC

Camille Bauer A Plus power quality and energy monitoring and SCADA 4-quadrant, for 3-wire, 4-wire, single and 3-phase balanced, unbalanced and open wye circuits

Harmonics, unbalance, earth faults, reactive power compensation, energy efficiency, and load profiling according to the requirements of IEC60688.

Line/phase voltage and current, THD(V), TDD(I), load factor, symmetrical components for V and I, imbalance (zero/positive sequence), phase angles, power factor, reactive and distortion reactive power per phase, harmonics to the 50th order

Measured quantities can be aggregated in steps of 2 cycles to 1024 cycles and synchronised via NTP servers or synchronising pulse.

Software for archiving of configuration and data, resetting including threshold values, and logic function outputs.

Profibus DP, Modbus/RTU via RS485 and Ethernet

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Chroma versatile 3-phase AC and AC + DC sources to 90 kVA test IEC compliance

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Without redundancy and service backup you don’t have a true uninterruptible power supply--trust GE and Power Parameters to look after you.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Uninterruptible Power and Service
From a few kVA to MVA ratings for mission critical applications--and service covering installation, commissioning, battery testing, maintenance and repair.

We know UPS, we install, commission and maintain. We supply UPS systems from the world’s leader, GE.

GE’s RPA configuration overcomes the disadvantages posed by single output junction modules, centralised control, and unequal load-sharing.

GE’s UPS technology provides for high efficiency even at half full-load, thus permitting high efficiency operation of GE’s most popular two-UPS unit RPA systems.

As many as eight units can be combined in a RPA system. This means that the UPS system can grow with the power demand needs of the application.

The superior performance of RPA with its decentralised by-pass, compared to traditional parallel UPS arrangements with centralised by-pass has been well documented and as mentioned earlier GE’s RPA system allows expansion beyond the two-unit configuration.

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Power Factor Correction for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

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Power Factor And Harmonics

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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The PowerSave™ power factor correctors are designed for you--they’re not some scaled down version of the ones used for huge electrical installations.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Power Factor Correction the Correct Way
The PowerSave™ is the only way of truly reducing kVA demand charges

Here’s the right way of bringing power factor to 0.99; the PowerSave™ way!


Here’s the way it’s usually done! Spot the difference?


The PowerSave™ solution corrects power factor to 0.99 in EACH phase individually. The usual way DOES NOT (it applies the correction calculated for one phase to all three--totally disregarding the unbalance in most LV, 4-wire installations)!

The PowerSave™ solution truly reduces the kVA demand to the absolute minimum because measured kVA by the electricity supplier:

And the PowerSave™ reduces kVA in each phase to the minimum value by correcting the phase power factor to 0.99.


But there’s more! Electrical loads in a typical installation vary all the time. Not only that; the changes can tip an installation into the kVA trap--exceeding the maximum contracted with the electricity supplier. When that happens, the maximum monthly charge is billed for the next 12 months!!

Here’s how the PowerSave™ does the job--using correction steps down to 0.5 kVAr--and it keeps track of changes, millisecond by millisecond! That’s the way the kVA trap is avoided.


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Power, power quality, and energy measurement PLUS application expertise and full service and calibration backup--trust Power Parameters.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Gossen Metrawatt ENERGYSENS solutions for power and energy measurement and control of LV circuits.

Ideal for factories, cool rooms, supermarkets, apartment complexes, etc.

  • ENERGYSENS the ideal way to control and allocate energy costs

  • ENERGYSENS the right tool for condition monitoring of motors, compressors, air conditioners, etc.

  • ENERGYSENS Modbus compatible current, power, apparent power and reactive power measurement for LV circuits.

  • ENERGYSENS circuit monitors fit any distribution board, simple to install and commission.

ENERGYSENS is retrofitable to any distribution switchboard and is suitable for energy cost analysis, monitoring and control on individual circuit basis.

The range of ENERGYSENS 3, and 12 current and power (real, apparent and reactive) sensing modules simply sit on top of the breakers in a distribution board, with the phase conductors from the circuit breakers passing through the current transformers, incorporated in the sensing modules.

The ENERGYSENS sensing modules connect via flat ribbon cables to a local data collector/comms unit, the ESCOM. Up to 120 individual circuits can be connected to one collector/comms unit currents/power.

ENERGYSENS has a Modbus interface. Both Modbus TCP (via Ethernet) and the Modbus RTU (via RS485) protocols are supported. The communication can be carried out via one of the two interfaces, but it is also possible to use both interfaces alternatively. Software available sets base communication parameters (IP address or Modbus ID), and assigns sensors with their metering points.

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Cutting edge digital technology cutting power costs.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors – cutting edge digital technology cutting power costs.

Edge Electrons Edge PowerSave™ power factor correctors can slash electrical power costs for small as well as big business.

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors are suitable for consumers with annual consumption as low as 50 megawatt-hours annually to 1000 megawatt-hours plus.

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors use unique digital technology to provide power factor correction to unity (1.00) for three-phase supply, and on a per phase basis!

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors provide complete power factor compensation even for unbalanced loads.

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors have the edge on other commercially available equipment because of the very small kVAr step increment technology, thus providing completely accurate correction.

Edge Electrons PowerSave™ power factor correctors are available for outright purchase and on financing plans with zero dollars upfront.

PowerSave™ power factor correctors are expertly installed and commissioned by Power Parameters.

PowerSave™ is a unique Power Factor Correction technology which reduces your electricity consumption by up to 20%.

How does PowerSave™ work?

As a business owner, you know that every time you turn your equipment on, it causes peak surges of power. What you might not know, is that your Electricity Network may be charging you a maximum daily rate for that expensive peak power, even if you only use it for a few minutes during the month!

PowerSave™ uses advanced, software-driven capacitors to supply peak power capacity to your business. These capacitors act like batteries, so that you don’t have to buy that expensive peak from your Electricity Network.

Is PowerSave™ right for my business?

Unlike traditional solutions, PowerSave™ delivers savings to small, medium and large businesses.

  Annual Bill  Average annual savings with PowerSave™
15-year cumulative savings with PowerSave™ 
Small  $35,000 $2,000 $37,000
Medium $50,000 $5,000 $93,000
Large $300,000+ $18,000 $335,000

Note: All savings are approximate. Cumulative savings include 3% CPI increase.

PowerSave™ is fully guaranteed and can be installed with zero upfront costs, repayable in 5 years through savings generated from your reduced energy consumption.

How is PowerSave™ different?

Average ROI under 3 years for small businesses

  • No ongoing servicing costs under 3-year warranty
  • Average unit lifespan of 25 years
  • Quick installation in less than 3 hours
  • Corrects Power Factor to 0.99
  • Software-driven capacitors ensuring detailed accuracy
  • Corrects Power Factor imbalance on individual electrical phases
  • No reactors to ensure low heat production
  • Low heat ensures no heat damage to surrounding equipment

PowerSave™ is expertly installed and commissioned by Power Parameters.

We do the work – you save the dollars!

PowerSave™ Specifications:

EE-100 Series Powersave stand alone power factor correction unit

EE-102 Series energy saving power electronics module

EE-110 EE-111 Series energy power quality conditioners

EE-200-0050 Series AC voltage regulator

EE-201 Series energy saving power quality conditioners

EE-202 Series energy saving power quality conditioners

EE-401 Series power electronics controller module


Would you like to get an idea of savings available?

Click here to download the questionnaire pdf and email to us in complete confidence.

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