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Power Factor And Harmonics

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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The PowerSave™ power factor correctors are designed for you--they’re not some scaled down version of the ones used for huge electrical installations.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Power Factor Correction the Correct Way
The PowerSave™ is the only way of truly reducing kVA demand charges

Here’s the right way of bringing power factor to 0.99; the PowerSave™ way!


Here’s the way it’s usually done! Spot the difference?


The PowerSave™ solution corrects power factor to 0.99 in EACH phase individually. The usual way DOES NOT (it applies the correction calculated for one phase to all three--totally disregarding the unbalance in most LV, 4-wire installations)!

The PowerSave™ solution truly reduces the kVA demand to the absolute minimum because measured kVA by the electricity supplier:

And the PowerSave™ reduces kVA in each phase to the minimum value by correcting the phase power factor to 0.99.


But there’s more! Electrical loads in a typical installation vary all the time. Not only that; the changes can tip an installation into the kVA trap--exceeding the maximum contracted with the electricity supplier. When that happens, the maximum monthly charge is billed for the next 12 months!!

Here’s how the PowerSave™ does the job--using correction steps down to 0.5 kVAr--and it keeps track of changes, millisecond by millisecond! That’s the way the kVA trap is avoided.


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Power, power quality, and energy measurement PLUS application expertise and full service and calibration backup--trust Power Parameters.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Gossen Metrawatt ENERGYSENS solutions for power and energy measurement and control of LV circuits.

Ideal for factories, cool rooms, supermarkets, apartment complexes, etc.

  • ENERGYSENS the ideal way to control and allocate energy costs

  • ENERGYSENS the right tool for condition monitoring of motors, compressors, air conditioners, etc.

  • ENERGYSENS Modbus compatible current, power, apparent power and reactive power measurement for LV circuits.

  • ENERGYSENS circuit monitors fit any distribution board, simple to install and commission.

ENERGYSENS is retrofitable to any distribution switchboard and is suitable for energy cost analysis, monitoring and control on individual circuit basis.

The range of ENERGYSENS 3, and 12 current and power (real, apparent and reactive) sensing modules simply sit on top of the breakers in a distribution board, with the phase conductors from the circuit breakers passing through the current transformers, incorporated in the sensing modules.

The ENERGYSENS sensing modules connect via flat ribbon cables to a local data collector/comms unit, the ESCOM. Up to 120 individual circuits can be connected to one collector/comms unit currents/power.

ENERGYSENS has a Modbus interface. Both Modbus TCP (via Ethernet) and the Modbus RTU (via RS485) protocols are supported. The communication can be carried out via one of the two interfaces, but it is also possible to use both interfaces alternatively. Software available sets base communication parameters (IP address or Modbus ID), and assigns sensors with their metering points.

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