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Friday, December 15, 2017

Power parameters like voltage phase balance, harmonics and inter-harmonics, flicker, voltage swells, brownouts, etc. can critically affect electrical plant. Motors can draw 20% or more additional full load current due to voltage phase imbalance as little as 4%. Analyzing voltage as positive, negative and zero sequence and appropriate alarms when out of balance reaches a critical point can save significant dollars.

At Power Parameters, we have the instrumentation from the world leaders in power quality analysis AND the expertise to solve your power quality problems.

Camille Bauer intelligent power meters
4-quadrant, ideal for switchboard and motor control board applications

Camille Bauer power meters can operate together with protection relays to provide smart motor control

Camille Bauer SINEAX AM series, 4-quadrant, AM 1000, 2000 (both class 1) and 3000 (class 0.5S) for 3-wire, 4-wire, single and 3-phase balanced, unbalanced and open wye circuits

Three-phase parameters including imbalance, symmetrical components, harmonics to the 50th order, active power and power factor, fundamental power, and reactive power

Phasor display of voltage and current including symmetrical components.

Periodic, event, and disturbance recording (with pretrigger) based on half-cycle with internal data storage via Micro SD card

Ethernet (Modbus/TCP, web server, NTP), RS485 (Modbus/RTU), digital I/O and 20 mA analogue with linear and segmented linear outputs.

Universal power supply: 24 to 48 V DC, 100 V AC or DC to 230 V AC or DC

Camille Bauer A Plus power quality and energy monitoring and SCADA 4-quadrant, for 3-wire, 4-wire, single and 3-phase balanced, unbalanced and open wye circuits

Harmonics, unbalance, earth faults, reactive power compensation, energy efficiency, and load profiling according to the requirements of IEC60688.

Line/phase voltage and current, THD(V), TDD(I), load factor, symmetrical components for V and I, imbalance (zero/positive sequence), phase angles, power factor, reactive and distortion reactive power per phase, harmonics to the 50th order

Measured quantities can be aggregated in steps of 2 cycles to 1024 cycles and synchronised via NTP servers or synchronising pulse.

Software for archiving of configuration and data, resetting including threshold values, and logic function outputs.

Profibus DP, Modbus/RTU via RS485 and Ethernet

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Chroma versatile 3-phase AC and AC + DC sources to 90 kVA test IEC compliance

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Without redundancy and service backup you don’t have a true uninterruptible power supply--trust GE and Power Parameters to look after you.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Uninterruptible Power and Service
From a few kVA to MVA ratings for mission critical applications--and service covering installation, commissioning, battery testing, maintenance and repair.

We know UPS, we install, commission and maintain. We supply UPS systems from the world’s leader, GE.

GE’s RPA configuration overcomes the disadvantages posed by single output junction modules, centralised control, and unequal load-sharing.

GE’s UPS technology provides for high efficiency even at half full-load, thus permitting high efficiency operation of GE’s most popular two-UPS unit RPA systems.

As many as eight units can be combined in a RPA system. This means that the UPS system can grow with the power demand needs of the application.

The superior performance of RPA with its decentralised by-pass, compared to traditional parallel UPS arrangements with centralised by-pass has been well documented and as mentioned earlier GE’s RPA system allows expansion beyond the two-unit configuration.

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Power Factor Correction for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

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