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CT Lab Vecto III GPS-based power quality analyser and SCADA systems for wind farms

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Vecto III provides invaluable 0.1 microsecond by 0.1 microsecond, GPS-based power data that can be correlated with anemometer and temperature data in CT Lab’s Osprey-PRO big data software.

The Vecto III power quality analyser and SCADA systems monitor all pertinent power quality
parameters in:

  • Turbine generators (induction, DFIG, and PMSG)
  • DC links/inverters
  • Nacelle and pad-mounted transformers
  • Collector cabling
  • Substation transformers
  • Feeders

The Vecto III has all important communication features:

  • IP Based Communication (Encrypted)
  • DHCP and Fixed IP addressing on Ethernet-1 Port
  • DHCP Server on Ethernet-2 Port
  • PoE Plus Support on both ports (IEEE802.3at)
  • Built-In WiFi – (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Built-In Sierra Wireless Modem (Optional)

The high sampling speed of the Vecto III and its ability to measure AC and DC on both voltage and current provides unique capabilities to measure the output of power converters and to test for any DC component, harmful to transformers. All generators can be monitored and have their data assessable in near real-time through the internet.

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