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Gossen Metrawatt Testing Equipment for Electrical Network Maintenance Programs

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Gossen Metrawatt Testing Equipment for Electrical Network Maintenance Programs

Earth testing, soil resistivity, multiple earth testing—Gossen Metrawatt Geohm5 has all the important testing methods covered in one instrument.

Insulation resistance testing to 10 kV for all manner of electrical assets and cables—the Gossen Metrawatt Metriso PRIME10 measures to 40 Tera-ohm and  continuity resistance measurement with a resolution down to 0.01 ohm

The GEOHM5 Earth Tester is suitable for the measurement of earth resistance, selective earth resistance, soil resistivity, and earth current (TRMS) via an optional clamp current transformer.

  • Three or four-stake determinations and capability to ascertain soil resistivity and ohmic resistance in accordance with the current-voltage measuring method provide a wide scope of analyses.
  • Operation is made user friendly as no balancing required.
  • Interference voltage and auxiliary earth electrode resistance with indications if allowable limit values are violated, assure valid measurements.

  • The GEOHM5 provides Data storage for 250 measurements and has a data interface for transmission of measured values to a PC.

  • An optional software accessory for measured value storage and report generation is available.

Gossen Metrawatt Metriso Prime 10 Precision Insulation Tester

The Gossen Metrawatt Metriso Prime 10 precision insulation resistance, low resistance and voltmeter is suitable for measurements to 10 kV for insulation values to 40 Tera-ohm. 

  • The Metriso Prime 10 is Cat IV rated, and is Bluetooth™ compatible, with measurement data export via USB port.
  • Insulation measurement voltage steps are 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V, and 10,000 V.

  • Polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio are also measured. Voltage-resistance and current-resistance trend graphs are displayed.

  • During insulation measurement, leakage current is displayed, and time-insulation resistance value is available every 5 seconds, with results graphically displayed as resistance-current or resistance-voltage curves.

  • Cable capacitance is measured during test object discharge, and the Metriso Prime 10 allows entry of cable capacitance/km values, facilitating the measurement of cable length.

  • Cable fault location by means of a unique pulsing method

  • The internal memory for measurement results is set up with a tree structure, permitting data storage for 10 clients, each with up to 999 test objects, and an on-screen keyboard permits convenient data entry



Measurement with cable shield


Multi-conductor cable testing


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