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Making electrical measurements on your phone

Monday, January 30, 2017

Making electrical measurements on your phone

The Hioki CM4372 600 amp and CM4374 2000 amp
Bluetooth compatible AC, DC and AC+DC clamp testers

The fulfilment of a bucket list for clamp-on testers now provides trms measurements for highly distorted waveforms with crest factors as high as 7.5, inrush current peaks and rms values for motors, etc., simultaneous DC voltage and current measurement—all this Bluetooth compatible with smart phone readout.

Making accurate measurements of voltage, current, etc. is important and often challenging in harmonic-intense supply systems. When you add another dimension: hard to reach locations—then it’s time for being able to concentrate on the job of attaching the measuring instrument safely and not having to worry about reading the display.

In the case of the Hioki CM4372/4 clamp-on testers, the Bluetooth-compatible readout provides the measured parameters on one’s smart phone.

Making a measurement in an awkward location—the inset shows a the smart phone display

Making a measurement in an awkward location—the inset shows a the smart phone display

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Hioki CM437X Bluetooth / Hioki CM4370E3 62M


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