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Monday, September 26, 2016


It had to happen!! Rooftop solar is causing headaches to your power company. No, it’s not the feed-in tariffs—it’s power quality deterioration. The enormous increase in solar is causing voltage variation and more by pushing too much power back to the supplier (* for the technically inclined, read more).

If your inverter breaks down, post 9 October, its replacement will probably be one which must allow your electricity supplier to switch it off remotely!! This ‘charming feature’ goes by the acronym ‘DRMO’ (demand response monitor). IN SHORT: YOU ARE THE BUNNY UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE BATTERY STORAGE TO SOAK UP EXCESS SOLAR ENERGY INSTEAD OF PUSHING IT BACK TO YOUR ELECTRICITY PROVIDER.

    Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Make an appointment NOW to have your licensed contractor check that your inverter is working properly. It’s not a big deal to do the check—and shouldn’t take long.

  2. If everything checks out OK—hopefully it will, you happily continue to derive feed-in benefits while new installations in your neighborhood will not be quite so fortunate.

  3. If things don’t look so good after the check-up, your inverter can be replaced with a new inverter WITHOUT DRMO. This is allowed because you are an existing installation (legacy installation).

  4. Stock clearance specials are still available. So you get the advantage of a good deal! (WHILE YOU CAN) BUT GUESS WHAT!! Inverter suppliers are now only importing stock that complies with the new regulations (they had a year’s warning). Therefore the time is NOW to make sure everything is hunky dory with your inverter.

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PS: Are you a licensed contractor? Contact us now for assistance with your marketing campaign to your clients while legacy inverter stocks last!

(*)Techy explanation: Solar systems have been connected ‘willy nilly’ on 3-phase low voltage reticulation systems. Therefore when there’s a lot of energy production, a lot voltage imbalance happens—this is bad for power quality. Also the more power that is fed into the system the more the only task of the electricity supplier is reactive power supply —i.e. poor power factor—again bad for the operators of the system. The easy solution is to switch off customer inverters!!


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