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Power Parameters cable test vans and instrumentation for wind farms

Friday, June 08, 2018

Underground reticulation in wind farms requires testing of medium voltage (MV) cables, primarily cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated. Power Parameters has recently built and commissioned a Baur cable testing van, providing an ideal mobile test facility for testing as specified by international recognised norms, in particular IEEE 400 and IEC 60502. 


Commissioning phase of the Baur PHG80-TD-PD Mercedes cable test van.


The Baur cable test van houses a Baur 80 kV DC/AC very low frequency (VLF) generator, partial discharge detection system and time domain reflectometer permitting distance-to-fault measurement, i.e. a self-sufficient cable test system. The rating of the generator is 3.5 kVA, and it is capable handling capacitive loads of 20 micro-farads (μF) therefore providing a typical reach of even tens of kilometres (typically a 1000 mm2 conductor will exhibit a reactance of 0.1 ohm/km at 50Hz).

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