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Trust Power Parameters for effective harmonic mitigation Ablerex Active Harmonic Filters and Power Factor Correction

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Enersine APF Series
Security and Excellent Power Quality for your installation

Modular — expand from 80 amps to 480 amps correction capacity per cabinet — and beyond that to 1920 amps (four paralleled, fully controllable cabinets)
hot swappable with high level redundancy!!

Four and three-wire systems
Harmonics to the 51st order
Power factor correction from 0.6 lag to 0.6 lead
Phase balancing and neutral current reduction
Dynamic response < 1 milisecond
Three-stage inverter; higher accuracy compensating waveform creation
Modbus RTU integrates with your plant and BMS

Power parameters like phase current balance, harmonics and inter-harmonics, critically affects electrical plant.

Motors can draw 20% or more additional full load current due to imbalance as little as 4%. Reduction of harmonics, phase balancing and unloading neutrals protects your electrical assets and extends their economic life.

At Power Parameters, we have the instrumentation from the world leaders in power quality analysis AND the expertise to solve your power quality problems.

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